Ceramic Transmission Shaft/陶瓷传动轴

  宜兴市琪丰特种瓷业有限公司,创立于1995年。产品质量、可靠性和有创意的创新解决方案以及产品的发展承诺,为我们的商业合作伙伴提供了有价值的选择标准。与客户密切和忠实的合作是我们内部管理的一个组成部分。我们帮助客户优化生产流程,降低运行成本和提高他们的生产质量及可靠性。共同的成功是我们利益的基础 - 我们欢迎来自客户的提问及询价,并邀请新的合作伙伴加入我们的行列。
       QiFeng Special Ceramics Co.,Ltd found in 1995 with strong and experienced partners here and abroad. Product quality, reliability and creative commitment for the development of innovative solutions and products are the leading criteria for the selection of our partners. A close and faithful cooperation with our customers is an integral part of our internal management. We help our customers to optimize production processes, lower running costs and increase quality and reliability of their production. Mutual success is the base of our network - we always welcome input from customers and invite new partners to join us.